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Paper, Paper On One Wall

2 Feb

Color meets pattern–that’s the beauty of wallpaper. It’s an instant addition of personality, depth, and color. And, it’s a hard decision.  We all know it took me a year to choose a pattern, and still, I could be swayed. But, here’s the best advice I’ll ever give you: live with it.

Buy samples, tape them to your wall and live with them. Leave them taped to the wall for weeks. If you think you’re starting to like the pattern, if it “feels right” with the rest of your house, if you walk into the soon-to-be wallpaper-clad room, see the sample and think you belong here, then you are almost ready to commit.

But not yet.

I think you should buy another sample of the same pattern and hang them up side by side so you can feel a little more of the paper’s impact. There’s a huge difference in a sample and a wall. Whatever you do, do not veer from your true style and color palette. Don’t go bolder than you are, you’ll just hate it. Don’t go simple if you’re not simple. You’ll just walk into the room and think, this is so plain.

Or, you could ditch this advice, be utterly brave, and go with it.

Or, you could do one wall, an accent wall, in paper. Take a look at these beauties!

Emily McCall

Apartment Therapy


From the Right Bank



Mary’s Dwellings


Inside-Out Design

Back to my house, my wallpaper, my life–this is my bathroom, the bathroom I’ve had every intention of dressing in wallpaper. But then I started thinking, I want some wainscoting, beadboard, or something to break up the pattern and serve as a back splash for the sink.

So, in came the “back splash” in that mimics the treatment in the hallway (without the chalkboard). An in-process photo for you:

Now that the wainscoting is up, the walls are ready for wallpaper. Last weekend I unrolled the paper and, get this, the paper didn’t match up. (Unlike wallpaper that you buy by the roll, Dwell Studios prints and cuts the wallpaper for each wall, you enter the measurements for each wall and they make the paper.)

So, I took this picture and emailed Dwell Studio and wrote: I am nauseous. Please tell me you can help me. I pretty much acted like I was dying of this error. The next day Robby (from Dwell Studios) left the warmest voicemail, full of sympathy and readiness to find a solution. Apparently Robby knows he’s charming as he emailed saying, “I left you what I hope sounds like a charming, supportive voicemail….. We can figure this out together, and I look forward to being a part of the solution!” Should Robby ever move on from Dwell, I think he should consider a career as a therapist. (Hat’s off to Dwell Studios for possibly the best customer service ever.)

I am confident that Robby will help me sort this out. But do you know what I’m thinking now…

Maybe I should just paper the accent wall? Don’t you just love those walls of pattern and color?


It’s the little things.

24 Jan

It’s the little things (like wallpaper in a closet) that get me. Some of my most vivid memories from childhood are of an old farmhouse with wallpapered closets. The house is long gone but the memory is still hanging around in my mind. Wallpaper in a closet seems right to me therefore I’d like to wallpaper the closets at Bradford—it’s on the I hope I can make that happen list. For the master bath closets/toilet room I’d have to say this is my favorite print from Mod Green Pod.

From Houzz


via Martha Stewart


Hello, Walls.

6 Oct

Let me tell you right now that I L-O-V-E Amy Butler. She’s a terrific textile designer and she’s not afraid of color—not one bit. As it goes, one thing always leads to another, and eventually Amy’s patterns made it to walls. Her line of Wallpaper is available at Graham & Brown

For whatever reason, I am thinking about using a bit of wallpaper in Bradford. Which is sort of un-Amy because I try to dodge things that I might grow tired of quickly and aren’t easy to replace. As in, keep the wild patterns on your throw pillows, not glued to your wall. And as things go with Bradford, if the house doesn’t want it then it will likely fall off the walls. Two things are likely happening here. (1) Some of you are thinking It’s about time she moved from industrial/classic to something fun. (2) The rest of you are thinking She is going to sorely regret this. Let me say that I am thinking about wallpaper for one tiny location— the downstairs bath, which will be a tiny amount of space and would only cover half the wall. It could be cool. It could be tragic. It could be cool. It could be tragic is exactly what I said about eHarmony. I won’t tell you how that ended.

So, first of all, where do you stand on wall paper. Good idea? Bad idea?

Here are a few that I like.

Cole & Son

I sort of like robots. Not for my bathroom, but this is so good I couldn’t keep it from you. If I were working on a room for kids, I’d go straight for Aimee Wilder‘s robots.

But since I’m thinking about a bathroom, I should share her black and white “Crop Circle” pattern (below) because it is the more realistic option for me as I have no need of robots at this moment.

Paper Mills feels screen printed and vintage.

Petal Pusher from Hygge & West.

Seriously, what do you think about wallpaper?