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Laundry makes me happy. (And other lies I tell.)

11 Nov

We were going to put the laundry in the hall closet. Then we moved the stairs and lost the closet. New stairs = good. Still, I’ll need clean clothes when I live there.

I suggested we put the laundry in the kitchen. Brad said, “No.” As in, he didn’t even want to see the picture I had of cabinets retrofitted for front loaders. Just “no.” That’s all he said. I thought it was a solution (for like five seconds until I saw the light.) Really, I was shoved toward the light.

Brad and Bert (my favorite framer) created a doorway to the basement and a plan to build a laundry room there. Now a really great laundry room is coming together. If they add a laundry chute I will likely die of laundry bliss. I didn’t think it was possible as most of the time when I drag the laundry from my upstairs bedroom I act like I’m marching to my death. Sometimes just throw clothes down to the bottom of the stairs and regroup when I get down there. Of course, I’ve fallen down those stairs many times. It’s if they eject you before you hit the bottom step. It’s true. I’ve gotten to work and looked down at bloody knees because I fell out and onto the hardwood. And since I am one of those people who still believes you can get all of the groceries from your car to the kitchen in one trip (even though I just used a cart to get out of the store) you can only imagine what the laundry situation is like when I finally bring everything downstairs. I do mean everything. I wait until there is literally nothing left to wear to attack the laundry situation. And even then, attack is not the right word. I just sort of bear it. If God loves me, he will move Brad Skipper’s heart to cut a laundry chute into this house. I just hate laundry. I’d rather cook ten meals than do one load of laundry. Surely there is a man out there who will think this is a decent trade—laundry for food? The only thing that makes laundering redeemable is Downy fabric softener. Thank you, God, for Downy (and the way you’re gonna work in my contractor’s heart and cause him to surprise me with a laundry chute and maybe one of those old vintage industrial laundry carts for it to land in when it shimmies through the shoot into the basement.)

But this post is really about the stairs that lead to laundry. Not so much my approach—or lack of approach—to laundry. Since I want every room to have something “special.” I’ve been mocked about this. I’ve decided that I will paint them. How much bliss can one laundry room offer, I ask you? Yes. You can do your laundry at my house. We’ll drink coffee and I’ll bake something while the dryer runs.

Here are a few I like.

From Design Sponge

From Absolutely Beautiful Things

Found at Casa Cullen

Found at Designfor4

I’m just not sure where I saw this….

Found at Slumber Designs

Via Apartment Therapy

Found at Ticking & Toile

And because I tell you everything, let me go ahead and say that this quote on the staircase makes me happy as written words are a few of my favorite things but that font hurts my feelings. Bad. And you will not find candles on my steps because if I have learned anything from Smokey the Bear, it’s this: Only you can prevent forest fires. Which also means that only you can prevent house fires.

Now the question is… would you paint the stairs leading to the master suite? (These are the new stairs in all their I-turn-a-corner greatness. The paint could be a really great design element. Or, it could steal the laundry room’s thunder. What is worse than having your thunder snatched straight from your hands? Nothing. Except doing laundry.