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A coat of paint. A dash of nice.

26 Jul

At the moment, there’s a loaner piano in the living room. I’m “storing” it for a friend. It’s painted black and is the first thing you see when you walk through the door. And here’s exactly where my head goes each time I take a gander at it: you are far too unfriendly black piano, heavy and unkind but I like your vintage style. What I most enjoy about this piano is that just yesterday when Lyndsay stopped by she sat at the piano and played for a good fifteen minutes.

How does one soften up an old black piano? How do you give it a dash of nice? I started with what I had—a box of letterpress type cards along with a blue bird perched on an old orange level which turned out like this. Clearly this needs something soft, a plant or something. But it is a start. Hello, friend.

I think a coat of paint will nice it up like nothing else. Take a look at these inspirations. I think a couple of coats of paint might be in this piano’s future.







As for the photos above. The yellow is my favorite. Or maybe I like the green? Yellow would look great with my gray walls? Which is your favorite? What would you do?

And, this is the piano (below) that got away.” I’ve only kicked myself like a hundred and two times for letting this get away. It was for sale through an online auction and it sold for next to nothing. Isn’t it perfectly worn out?

Here’s a before and after from Design Sponge.

Take a look at this super cute before and after “Monster of a Piano” from Manolo for the Home. Just how much fun is this?



Well. What do you think? A coat of paint?