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There’s a light at the end of the tunnel… er… hallway.

13 Jun

Let’s roll back in time to the sad and dreary the hallway once was:

I am dead serious. That was my hallway. Now, let’s skip forward to the airy and happy hallway that is.

Photo Credit: Micah Kandros

This is one of something like 4 million photos Micah took at my house. It’s untouched and if he were sitting here he’d probably slap my hand because I shouldn’t post this just yet.

When it comes to light at the end of the tunnel—or hallway—like everybody in North America, I’m in a bit of a hectic season. I have LOVELY clients and I’m enjoying every meeting, email exchange and the occasional “Amy-what-do-you-think-of-this” text/picture. Really, I love it.

In the midst of such good things comes a bit of heartache. Life is like that sometimes.

My sister and I went home (to our beloved family and farm) to celebrate the life and grieve the loss of our most joyful and generous Gran. It was my honor to eulogize her life during the funeral. How do you sum up 88 years, 6 children, 13 grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren, and 3 great-great grandchildren? Dear Family, You ask me to do impossible things. Yet I do them. Because I love you. And, don’t you forget it. 

Here are a few snapshots of the visit home.

Locals hanging out at The Farmer’s CO-OP. I love this picture.


Old, tired details.

Blackberries from the garden.

John Deere + Sister

Now that I’m back I have a list of things we should talk about. When I haven’t seen a friend in way too long, I make a list of topics that we need to catch up on. Here’s our list:

  • Ideas for wallpapering a bookshelf
  • Painting exterior brick
  • Vinyl Storage
  • How to use speeding tickets as art (this is the real-life request of a client) I love this challenge.
  • Motorcycles on the wall (I will explain later)
  • Fences
  • Concrete counter tops
  • Playlists (your house should have one)

My schedule is filling up. Currently, I’m booking appointments for mid-August/September. If you need help I’m an e-mail away.

Hope you’re well!




Do it yourself.

4 Feb

Here’s what happened: I tried to describe a chandelier made of branches that Courtney described to me. Yes, I tried to describe something I have not seen. It went as well as you might expect. Before I could describe everything that I imagined this chandelier to be Brad stopped me and said, “Why don’t we make the lighting for the master bath? Yes. Score. And now I am humming Thank you for being a friend.

I sent a few pictures of what this chandelier I imagined might look like. Perhaps we are not on the same page with this branch chandelier? The last two emails in our exchange went something like this.

A: “Why don’t we just get together and crush each other’s dreams?”

B: “I would never.”

He is the brother I never knew I always wanted. And one day I feel sure he will put me in a headlock or something. This exchange led me on to more practical places

On my pursuit of a better way I stumbled across Mint. Bookmark this if you like all things creative. Ellie is a seriously talented designer and a curator of ideas. Pecking around on her blog I found a link to her revamped chandelier.

How great is that? Perfectly perfect choice of light bulbs, too. She transformed this in no time at all. You can read about it here. Thanks, Ellie, for sharing!

And, thank you for reading. Happy weekend.

Do something different.

21 Jan

Right is what you like. That’s my motto for home design/decor. As far as I’m concerned you can hang a black chandelier wherever you want as long as your willing to act like it’s supposed to be there and as long as the fact that it’s hanging there makes you happy.

Have a lovely weekend.

Care for some tea?

30 Dec

I read about an article about Gregory Bonasera, a designer of ceramics, lighting, etc. I always like things that aren’t available in the United States. That’s just my way. My favorite wallpaper is available in England. My favorite home design magazine InsideOut is printed in Australia. Every lovely thing in the magazine must be purchased across the ocean or online with serious shipping charges. I don’t know why I torment myself with thumbing through it every other month.

Back to Gregory Bonasera. His teacup lights are lovely.


You are going to throw up.

8 Sep

You probably won’t throw up. But you might really like this company.

My friend, Brittney lives in Portland, OR., home of fabulous neighborhoods, old bungalows, Schoolhouse Electric and my cousin, Jeff. She likes this blog and is participating in my renovation from afar. Her opinion on my fireplace situation encouraged me to drop the idea of blowing it to bits. I listen to her. Yesterday she told me about Rejuvenation—actually she said that I should come to Portland and see the showroom for myself. I listen to her… I should go to Portland. Twist my arm, Brittney.

So, of course, I googled Rejuvination and the front page of their site was enough to make me a believer. Immediately, I forwarded the link with a the subject line: “You are going to throw up.” He is used to this sort of crazy talk.

Every good contractor knows that “You are going to throw up” is code for ‘You’ll like this Website.'” I usually say, “Prepare your heart” or “You are going to love this” or “Do not open this e-mail if you’re thinking of going to sleep” or “I might die of this.” When I’m feeling really mature, I cut all this nonsense and make the subject line “OMG.”

Take a look.

You can get the whole story on Rejuvenation here.

Thanks for the inspiration, Brittney.  I’ve got frequent flyer miles to burn….