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I saw these pictures. They made me brave.

5 Oct

I’m in hardwood hell. Okay, that’s a little severe and we both know there is no such thing.

The decisions I have made about this house are too numerous to count. I credit windows and floors as being the toughest on my list, mostly because it’s my opinion that they can make or break the look and feel. And, let’s be real. Those are costly elements of a remodel.

So, while I’m wading through my own little lake of hardwood fire and brimstone, let me add to the indecision and say to you that not only am I thinking about exactly which wood to put in the house, I’m thinking about how to put it there.

It occurs to me that I don’t have to lay hardwood in the standard way. We’re actually thinking of installing it to run diagonally across the room.  This led to the thought of patterns in hardwood. It seems that in France, patterns are popular.

These three patterns seem to be pretty standard: Herringbone, Chevron, Brick.

The thing to consider about laying hardwood in a pattern is L-A-B-O-R. That will cost you, my friends. The other thing I wonder about is waste—do you think there would be more wasted wood with patterns? I have no idea.

Here’s how they do it in France.

If you’re brave enough to install floors in a pattern, you don’t have to do a lot to your interior. Let it be. Let the floors do the talking and keep it simple. Adding a lot of serious decor would only jumble the space and create a visual fight. I hate a visual fight. The only thing worse than getting caught in a visual fight is paying for a visual fight only to realize it’s a fight. That is the worst.

Credit where credit is due: Joseph Dirand, Atelier des Granges and I should probably give credit to  France, for just being here, on the planet in all its french-ness, inspiring the likes of Joseph Dirand, Atelier des Granges and commoners like me.