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23 Sep

Every week I get some sort of assignment. Two weeks ago it was to find some old vintage/retro nuts & bolts, six to eight inches in length. Done. Last week it was to call Woodstock and start thinking about wood floors. Done.

Get this. When I called Woodstock I discovered that Brent (from Woodstock) used to live on Bradford Avenue. What are the odds? He asked for a few pictures of floors I like. How about these?

After meeting Brent, I’d describe him as a fearless purist. He doesn’t bat an eye at the idea of going against the grain, especially when it comes to flooring. We like fearless. We like purists. We like being so sure that we don’t bat an eye.

I’m off to the Woodstock office to meet with Brent and see the wood/floors for myself. We could easily go over budget on flooring. Brad totally dropped the budget hammer. He has to do that now and then. We don’t like being over budget.

I’ll let you know how this turns out. And I’ll take pictures at Woodstock.