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When God Closes a French Door He Opens a Dutch Door.

16 Dec

Doors are opening everywhere around here. Doors, windows, opportunities—all flinging open right and left.

Bert (the fabulous framer whom I think so highly of and would recommend to you in a heartbeat) came today to frame out a few extra things—an old medicine cabinet for the upstairs bath, the space for the window above the range, and he installed these doors for us. By the end of the day, he and Brad had the doors in their rightful places.And Heaven and nature and the home owner sing….

I am so very thankful for the opportunity to get to know some incredible people with so much integrity and work ethic. Bert’s hard work is in nearly every square inch of this house.  Again, let me say that he is an exceptional person (although he pretends to be quite regular). That’s just his way. Salt of the earth. I know it when I’m near it and he’s salt of the earth.

French doors installed. (Forgive the mess—there’s a lot of work going on around here.)


View from the sidewalk:  Pretend the siding is around the doors. You can pretend the siding is a nice creamy white, too. (I’m loving that porch ceiling, too. It’s all coming together.)

Bert during installation + the installed door. My photo is crooked. I was shivering. That’s my only excuse.

And, from the corner of the porch you can see all three doors. French doors and the Dutch front door.

You really cannot imagine how good it feels to have doors in this house. If the siding guys can make it to the house tomorrow, if the winter storm doesn’t slow us down (like the snow did) then the siding will be finished tomorrow. This little section of the porch is all we lack.

Next up. Drywall.