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Come and knock on my door.

19 Oct

If the Three’s Company theme jingles around in your head all day, you’re in good company considering I’ve been singing it to myself since I wrote this post.

Meet Russ.

Russ is a carpenter, creator, door-maker, shop-builder and all around nice guy.

Before all this Bradford Avenue business, I looked at a house on Montrose. While I was there I walked down the street, where a front door stopped me in my tracks—it looked like it belonged on the cover of something involving Martha Stewart or House Beautiful.

When I started working with Brad, we drove around neighborhoods looking at roofs, siding, doors—you name it—determining what might be right or wrong for Bradford. Brad wanted me to see a front door that was custom-made for his friends’ home. When we drove up I realized it was, of course, the door I admired on Montrose. Stuff like this happens all the time. The door complements the mantle inside their home, both have the same beautiful detailing. Life is just one big fairytale, isn’t it? I wish I had a picture of the door. It’s a show-stopper.

We met Russ and he quickly captured the vision we have for the house and determined that he could take what was in our minds and make it a reality. I love people who can do that sort of thing. He started drawing on his iPhone and Brad got that look he gets when he’s tracking with someone’s vision and I got that look I get when I don’t have any idea what’s going on anymore. I believe I said to Brad, “This door thing is all you. You just make sure I’ll like it.” Russ started sending e-mails with pictures like this to help people like me.

Last week we met Russ to see a few models/samples and finalize a few details. His wood shop happens to be located in the middle of God’s backyard—nobody complained when we got “lost” trying to find it. I use the term lost loosely. I consider lost to be a moment when you are no longer sure which state (Tennessee? Alabama? Is this Arkansas?) you’re in and you have no idea how to get home. I knew we were still in Tennessee and I could have gotten us home.We were never lost. We were wandering. I love to wander.

While we’re talking doors, I’d like to mention at this time that I think painted doors are about as charming and friendly as it gets. Mine won’t be painted, at least the front door won’t be. I suppose I’ll have to step up the charm and friendliness in other ways. But, if you are considering revamping your door with paint, here are a few to inspire you.

From Blueprint Magazine

From This Old House (It’s a dutch door…)

I have no idea where this came from….

From Country Living

From Better Homes & Gardens

If you’re really thinking about it, go straight to this link and check out these colors. House Beautiful knows what’s what when it comes to front door colors.