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Get Low.

9 May

Maybe I should have titled this Lean On Me instead? Either way, the point I’ll try to make today is that these floors were made for more than walking—they’re a perfect place for setting down art. Let’s try leaning, leaning art, photography, or whatever against your walls. Put down the hammer. Put down the nail. We’ve talked about this before.

Here’s a little more inspiration for you from around the Web.




Desire to Inspire


From Grennwich

thank for reading, friends. hope your day is happy.


Layer up.

25 Apr

I’ve been thinking about the Home Tour a lot and the generous response from everyone. I wish I’d had time to have longer conversations with each person. What is it you love about the place? 

Clearly, there is something you’re drawn to in this home.

My hunch is that you all like layers. I love layers. You get instant depth and an opportunity to make more of the basic bedside table. Take a look at what they’ve done below with the crate under the table. Without the crate the table would look oh-so-lonely.

I like to lean things. Take or leave the nails, I’m just as likely to lean something against the wall as hang it there.  I think you all responded to that—it feels casual and comfortable. Pictured below are leaning mirrors on the mantle with garland draped across—it’s so pretty.

These pictures, found at Anthology, inspire me to make the most of space.

Okay, I’m out, y’all. Smile at a stranger today. Because you can.

x, amy