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Exterior Before and After

15 Jul

Do you remember this place? This is the house I bought just over a year ago? Cross my heart, when I look at these pictures I can almost smell the way the house smelled. It was a hot moldy mess. Que the itchy eyes and scratchy throat. Mold is a nightmare, y’all.

In the midst of so much transformation, it’s easy to forget all the things that have changed. The overgrown holly bush, the old iron doors—these are the things I forget. But these pictures take me back to last summer, when I was somehow confident enough to believe that this house could be so much more than it seemed to be–days when I knew absolutely nothing about construction, renovation, how much things really cost or how much detail goes into creating an environment.

I remember pulling all my ideas for the house together into mood boards (of sorts) and sending them off to Brad (the really great contractor) and thinking,  I think I have good taste but what if I don’t? What if these ideas are stupid? That makes me smile now. If life were made entirely of magic and I could travel back in time I would whisper a secret into my ear: Silly girl. Don’t be afraid to share all your far-fetched ideas. The ideas that are great will be celebrated and come to life before your eyes. The ideas that aren’t so great, well, you’ll find that you’ve got a friend good enough to take what’s right about them and make the rest better.

Just a few days before demo started this is the view from the corner of my corner lot.

Last night , I was thinking of you (my very kind readers who have followed this story and chimed in with encouragement nearly every day of the journey) and I thought Amy, you are a terrible blogger. Give these people an update even if it isn’t “perfect.” So, I ran out to the corner and stood on the slab of concrete where two sidewalks meet and snapped this picture of a  little house that has been loved back to life. My, my, my… we’ve come so far.

Thanks for reading. And thanks for joining in on this project—there’s still much more to come.


Old and Heavy

16 May

Charm. Charm is the element that an iron bed brings to a room. It begs for layers–whether they be old heavy quilts or fluffy piles of down-comforters. There is something quite homey about an iron bed. The older and heavier the better.)

Last week I was in Atlanta which is a perfect excuse to go visit IKEA. In case you need a bed for the spare bedroom, this is $99. Yep. $99. Who can argue with that? No, it’s not heavy and old but with the right bedding it can hold its own and get you through until you find that perfectly aged iron bed for which you look. I would paint this with yellow spray paint in a matte finish and call it pretty.

From Thirty Duo

From Country Living

From Style at Home

Seen at I Suwannee via Domino Mag

Via Creed

Via Country Living

Via Decor Pad

Via Houzz

From Country Living

Kitchen Transformation (Before + After)

5 May

Craig Johnson (Superior Woodwork) installed shelving in the kitchen and we are all quite happy with the way everything is shaping up. The guys at Superior Woodwork do trim work, cabinetry, closets, door installation and are some of the nicest guys around.

Every now and then I remind myself of what was–it was a mess. As for today, the kitchen is my favorite room. But that could change tomorrow…

Here’s a look at the transformation.








Sorry for the variance in picture quality. What can I say? It happens. Thanks for reading anyway!

Islands in the stream (aka making an island)

4 May

Here’s the skinny on the kitchen island. I was looking for something absolutely different—something industrial and atypical. When I was home for Thanksgiving my uncle told me to come by his house and dig though the barn and sheds behind his house. (Move over American Pickers–I challenge you to a “pick off.”  And speaking of, the Pickers would do well to swing by his house.) I left the farm with these industrial style cast iron legs that I picked right out of my uncle’s shed.

Come February I found myself in the lumber yard at Woodstock Vintage Lumber with Brent and Brad discussing a pile of newly salvaged lumber that Brent (Woodstock) recommended for the island top and a few floating shelves to go in the kitchen. You can imagine how much I had to contribute to that conversation standing there in the snow trying to imagine islands and shelving.

In March/April I met with Brent again. We looked at a couple samples and he recommended using poplar to make the shelves.

Here’s the finished product (minus bar stools).

Flooring and island top are both compliments of Woodstock Vintage Lumber. I couldn’t be happier with them. Many thanks to Brent and the guys at Woodstock. As I write this the floating shelves are being installed–more pics coming asap. Here’s a preview.

Thanks for reading.

You know where you are? You’re in the jungle, baby.

11 Apr

I can hardly remember this place. But, it is a true and real place from which we started—tile painted jungle green accented with an oh-so-seventies patterned wallpaper. Cross my heart, every time I see before pics of the bathroom “Welcome to the Jungle” runs through my mind. And next I think of Slash and his moppy hair. And then I try to think about something else.

I don’t think about the guys from Guns and Roses much anymore.

Much better.  I think this is much better. Forward progress. But, alas, it is plain and boring and not where it should be. This bathroom is in purgatory. The limbo that exists for rooms that are “on the list” of things that are yet to be completed. I also refer to this as “makeshift mode.” It’s the place you get to when you slap things on the wall in an effort to make it functional. Wallpaper = best solution ever.

I’ve got a pile of samples. I taped my top two to the wall last night. I stood back and stared. I will decide this week. I can’t live in this limbo, will it be Mod Green Pod or Aimee Wilder? I like them both so very much.

We’ve got nowhere to go but up.

29 Mar

This is what I bought. This dark paneled master suite with old paneling and linoleum tiled floors. This is the part of the house that scared me. The main floor offered light and openness—breathability at it’s best. The master bedroom and bath felt like a cave and for a long time I could only look at Brad and say, “The upstairs is all you. I have no idea what to do up there.” Uhm, I could touch the ceiling when I stood on the tips of my toes. I am not a tall woman, y’all. Not good. The situation was not good.

The rest of the house, well, the vision for everything else came so easily. I thought once the walls and ceilings were out it would feel better. But even with the walls down and ceiling gone, I still quizzed Brad as to how we were going to make this space feel better.I was not going to be able to “live with” the low ceiling. I knew it. Brad knew it. It was just all wrong and there was no avoiding it. I mean, call me dramatic, but I would catch myself drawing big deep breaths when I was up there. Because I felt trapped.

So, Brad did what any good contractor would do. He told me there was nowhere to go but up. So, I did what any good client would do. I said, “Let’s go up.” And then he tore the place apart. I came home to this one afternoon. Uhm, this is not up. This is down. I confess. A wave of nausea hit me when I saw this. Because, quite frankly, well… I mean, I don’t know… how do you fix this?

Miranda Lambert would tell you that you fix this “nail by nail and board by board.” Miranda would be right. After the taking apart comes the putting back together. And immediately we concluded that taking the roof of would be the smarted decision ever.

One side of the second floor went from this:

To this:

Brad was right. We had nowhere to go but up. I’m glad we did.


Thanks for reading. More before and afters coming!

Slide to the left. Slide to the right.

24 Mar

Just call me DJ Casper. I look at these photos and suddenly I’m singing, Everybody clap your hands. Why, you ask? Caleb and Adam are installing a barn door system in my hallway.  Sliding door, slide to the left, Cha Cha Slideit’s all connected in the web that is my mind.

Here are a few fabulous uses of the barn door system to which I say: Well done. Very well done.

Via Remodelista


Via Pinterest

Via Southern Living

Lovely, aren’t they? The green one… I think the green door is my favorite.