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Lately: An Eastwood Project Visual Update

29 Mar

The last time we talked there was a foundation. How ’bout I walk you around the project and catch you up on what’s happened?

While we are pretending, let’s time travel back a week. Let’s say I parked my car in the back alley behind the house and you just hopped out to find the crew hard at work.

Foundation. Meet your floor.And just like magic, we’re standing on the first floor in the hallway looking out multiple doors/windows. This will all become clear with time.

Eastwood First FloorHey, Brad, fancy meeting you here. We’re just looking around.

Eastwood First FloorLet’s go upstairs and see what the guys are working on. Stairs with a landing are my favorite kind.

Eastwood StairwayHello, second floor.

Second Floor DeckingWe’ll get out of the way so you guys can turn that pile of 2x4s into studs and walls.

Eastwood Second FloorThat’s the quickest tour I’ve got in me—proof that we really are building something. 

Street View
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Eastwood Project Update // Progress and Plans

26 Feb

Let me give you the fast-as-lightning visual update:

NES came to the lot and gave us power. Now Snap is in my headIt’s gettin’, it’s gettin’, it’s gettin’ kind of hectic.

Temporary Pole // Power

Just add concrete for footers.

Pouring FootersNext: Block. Lots of block.
Foundation Blocks

Foundation Blocks


Foundation Block


Here’s a peek at what we aim toward. This is really close to final—one of the later versions. I cannot tell you how many times we edited ourselves. There’s room for change and I’m sure we will change some things—perhaps the number of windows, we might lose a balcony or change a balcony. There’s room for flex.  

It’s so funny to me how huge this thing looks in the drawings but the lot is really not that as large as these drawings might imply. Prepare yourselves for lessons in scale.  

Eastwood Project // Gather & Build

Eastwood Project // Gather & Build

There you have it. You approve?

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White Houses: Exterior Inspiration

22 Feb

It all starts with Post-It notes.

Loads of books, piles of magazines, Pinterest, and Post-It notes—that’s where I start chasing down ideas. house inspiration

Next, you share the bounty with the contractor and the architect and you say, “Guys, this is the stuff my dreams are made of.” 

architect. builder. ideas.

Right after that things start coming together.

Somebody asked me, “What’s the most exciting part of a project?”

The ideas. I love the ideas. I’m addicted to possibilities. I also love the smell of lumber but that’s another conversation for another post

The lot we are working with is perched on a hill between 12th South and Belmont and looks toward the East. I suspect the sunrises will be gorgeous. As we plan, we continue to think about the view and in my mind the house is white.

Here are a few photos that have served as major inspiration for this project.

These houses from Rosemary Beach inspire me:

Rosemary Beach Home

Rosemary Beach White House

You might notice that these houses I’m inspired by are white. I am also into farm houses. Again, I am full of surprises. 

Screen shot 2013-02-22 at 10.17.39 AM


White FarmhouseBarnes Vanz Architects

modern farmhouseInspire Your Life

Contemporary FarmhouseHGTV Green Home

There’s more where that came from. 

I started a farm house board on Pinterest. If you’ve seen anything pin-worthy be sure to leave a comment. I’d love to see it, too!

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Building a New House: A Conversation with the Contractor

11 Feb

I said: “Brad, there’s something bad happening around here. People are building houses—as in, other people are building houses that I want to build.”

He said, “It’s infuriating.”

I said: “It’s like an epidemic. Or a pandemic. Or, whatever the word is for a bad thing that happens to good people. We should do something.”

He said: “Definitely. Let’s build something.”

I said: “What about this? Can we do something with this?

Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 6.13.33 PM

And he said, “We can.”

So I said, “Well, can you clean this place up so we can start from scratch?”

And he said, “Absolutely.”

Screen shot 2013-01-01 at 5.26.36 PM

Screen shot 2013-01-01 at 5.26.55 PM

And Brad said, “Let’s build something with a view.”

And I said, “Fine by me.”

Screen shot 2013-01-01 at 5.27.11 PM

And, that’s pretty much how it went.

Except that the conversation happened over the course of a year.

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 8.13.15 AM

To date, we have cleared the lot and the excavation work is finished—now for the fun part. So much more to come!

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