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Every Thing Will Be Okay.

24 Apr

Sometimes when I’m feeling particularly get-me-out-of here all I want to do is run away. Let's Run Away Screen Print Art

Better yet.

Let's Run Away

But since it’s not always the most practical thing to run away—responsibilities, people I love, pets I love, and then the whole I-don’t-want-to-lose-my job-thing—instead, I say nice things to myself.


It's OK Banner

But let’s be honest. Somethings aren’t OK and you might want to take that sweet little banner and say, Do not be positive with me right now. This is a bad deal. It’s not OK. 

In that instance, I’d say go with this:

Everything Will Be Okay Screen Print

Because eventually everything will be okay.

Get something fun for your walls here:

Let’s Run Away and Every Thing Will Be Okay  and are by I Screen You Screen on Etsy. I’ve got a couple of prints from I Screen You Screen and I love them. This If You Work Really Hard print is on my office bookshelf.

It’s OK banner by Secret Holiday & Co. Let’s Run Away to a Beautiful Place is on Etsy via Print Press by Flea Market Trixie.




Gatherings: Best of the Web

17 Apr

Pretty things abound. Here are some things I’ve seen this week that I think you’ll enjoy.

I am the pickiest when it comes to coffee mugs. I prefer tall slender mugs to big bowlish mugs—the coffee gets cold quickly, too much surface space. And I like the way a skinny mug feels in my hands. This one meets my criteria.

Anthropologie Pinched Corners MugPhoto from Anthropologie

This mind-over-matter plant container makes me smile.

If I had to live in a barn I’d choose this Michigan barn.

Speaking of barns… West Elm has the sweetest Love Thy Farmer tote bag. And, I do love my farmers.

I’m into kale. I want to Jodi’s  recipe for crisp kale and brussels sprout tacos with avocado and white bean creama. Everything is good when it’s in a tortilla, right?

What's Cooking Good Looking: Crispy Kale + Brussel Sprout TacosPhoto from What’s Cooking Good Looking?

If you’ve got a bare wall in your closet and a few clipboards here’s a fun idea for your chunkier necklaces.

No matter how smiley the dustpan, I will likely never feel happy about sweeping.

Finally, my favorite wallpaper in removable tilesFor those of us who like to change with the weather.

Hygge & West Removable Tile Wallpaper by Oh Joy!Photo from Hygge & West



Three Etsy Artists

15 Oct

Let’s pretend this post is three separate posts because I am excited to share three Etsy shops that you should peruse. Peruse and purchase, I say.

Let’s start with Michelle Brusegaard. Her shop on Etsy is home of my favorite calendar of all time. I am one of those people who loves calendars. Beautiful calendars. I order this calendar each and every year for my office. My favorite is the bunny print. I am also one of those repeat offenders who orders the same thing over and over again because it’s just so right why bother with anything else. It is my humble opinion that her calendars are art.

She also does screen printed scarves, which I am completely adding to my good-gifts-to-give Christmas gift list. And she does jewelry. Go to her shop ASAP.

Next up, art and illustration from Donna McKenzie via her etsy shop, Corella Design. I love the bear in the flannel shirt. She has lots of sweet illustrations that would fit perfectly in a nursery or child’s room. Or, if you’re like me and you like bears in flannel shirts….

And from Project Type, digital prints that will look great framed and on your wall or propped on your shelves:

Enjoy and have a great Monday.

Nashville Inspired Art

11 Oct

I should have written this last night. But I was glued to my TV, watching the premier of Nashville. Glued, I tell you. I was glued.

The only thing that’s more fun than knowing there’s a TV show being taped in your backyard is seeing this fair city come to life onscreen. It seems that “Nashville” has made those of us who love Nashville even more fond of the place. And then there’s Connie Britton. She is a favorite actress of mine. I like to say I knew her when she was Tami Taylor.

In honor of celebrating Nashville (the show and the city), I wanted to share the work of a local advertising agency that has done a tremendous job of interpreting the  Spirit of Nashville.

Anderson Design Group captured the things that come together to create the fabric of this great city. From well-known venues like Ryman Auditorium and the famed Bluebird Cafe to local favorites like Bobbie’s Dairy Dip, Loveless Cafe and Fox’s Donut Den, Anderson Design Group reminds those of us who live here just how many treasures we have inside our city limits.

The prints are also available framed. I think this Bobbie’s Dairy Dip print is my favorite yet. Or maybe Mas Tacos. I can never choose. There are so many more online.

Check out the work of  Anderson Design Group. There are other series to look through. Just click the image below and it’ll take you there.

Enjoy! And, please tell me you tuned in to watch Nashville, too!
And, did you like it?

(All prints are the work of Anderson Design Group.)

Hammerpress Letterpress Studio

8 Oct

I took a printmaking class at Watkins College of Art and Design a few years ago. I’ve pretty much been ruined ever since. I do love ink and paper and making things by hand and wearing an apron and listening to good music while you’re doing it.

One of my favorite letterpress shops is Hammerpress, a letterpress studio in Kansas City, MO. I haven’t made it out to Kansas City but when I do, Hammerpress is on my list of must-visits. I have a few of their art prints and am a fan of pretty much everything they do.

Check out their work and Web site where you can purchase said work.


ImageI think the “Beauty” and “Grace” would be sweet in a little girl’s room.

I have this print in my home. What can I say, I love classic country—who else would name their dogs Patsy Cline and June Carter. If I had a cat I’d name her Kitty Wells. And, I completely agree, frowners never win. I mean, even if they win by some sort of technicality or they win “on paper” they looked mad the whole time—that’s not winning. Nobody likes a frowner.

ImageI’m a fan of their calendars.

ImageImageAnd the concert posters.

ImageImageImageYou can also buy sets—this particular set reminds me of my friend, Lauren, who just got married a few weekends ago in the most beautiful forest you’ve ever seen.


I spent some time on their blog which only fueled my fascination with and respect for their work. There is something about a process that goes from conceptual drawings, to hand-setting type, to an actual letterpressed label that I find entirely beautiful. Check out the Hammer Press blog where they walk readers through the whole process—it’s impressive.

Here’s a preview!

From this:


To this:

ImageTo this:

Image All of the beautiful pictures you’ve seen today are from Hammerpress—buy some art, support artists and the artistry of hand-made things.

Hope your day is lovely!

Sugar, Spice, Everything Nice

7 Oct

Julie and I were talking about her daughter’s room a few weeks ago—trying to come up with art ideas for the walls. I recommended the work of Katie Daisy because I think her art captures Julie’s free-spirited girls. And, it’s just sweet. This is the sweetest art yet. I love the sentiments and statements captured in her work. I mean, who doesn’t want their little girl to “Be Filled with Joy” or be reminded “You Are So Loved.”

What I’m getting at is this: I think Katie’s work is perfect for a girl’s bedroom or a playroom or any spot where you want to say something nice on the wall. Her shop, The Wheatfield, is online via  Etsy. There are lots of options but these are a few of my favorites:









I found a few more images to inspire you or help you see how Katie’s work looks framed. As seen here at Being Brook.


And this beautiful photo was spotted on Whatever.


I am a fan of Rachel Halvorson’s blog, Nest Egg. She recently posted about a room she designed for twin girls. I saw some of Katy Daisy’s art in this picture from her blog:

ImageCheck out the blog post here—it’s a beautiful room.

Thanks for reading.

Art & the Avetts.

6 Oct

You either love The Avett Brothers or you don’t know who they are. That’s my theory. And if you think love is too strong, then you haven’t seen them in concert. I hereby challenge the whole entire world to go to a live show and try to walk away without thinking they’re great. I dare you.

Image(photo via Billboard)

My great affection for their music was nurtured by my friend, Zana, who introduced me to their music and took me to their Halloween concert at Ryman Auditorium a few years ago. It changed my life. I left the concert and downloaded nearly everything they’ve recorded.

I and Love and You is still my favorite. Wait. Maybe my very favorite is November Blue. Or Swept Away.

Sarah Chiarot is a fan, too. She designs and sells her interpretations of their lyrics in her Etsy shop. So if you’re a fan of the Avetts or Ryan Adams or the merging of good design and good lyrics then check out her work!