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Easy Updates: Leather Pulls

19 Mar

I’m in the mood to rearrange the furniture, paint the bedrooms, change the bedding—I blame spring. This happens every March. 

Here’s the next thing I want to do:

Update a dresser with leather pulls—so easy and affordable that I am looking forward to the next flea market to snatch an old dresser and get right to work. I first saw the picture below in House and HomeThis is my favorites of the ideas I found. It’s dark and moody—how we like our dressers, not our people. 

DIY Leather Drawer PullsHouse and Home

Just when I choose a favorite I realize that tabs are all the rage. Strips vs. tabs. The debate begins. 

Leather Drawer Pulls // Martha StewartMartha Stewart

leather pulls // dresserA Home’s World

Both House and Home and Martha Stewart offer an easy step-by-step guide for adding leather to your dresser’s mix. (Just click the links under the pictures and you’ll find a supply list and instructions.)

Leather Cabinet Pulls


And for the cabinets in your life:

Leather Drawer Pulls for KitchenRemodelista

leather cabinet pulls // elle decorElle Decor

Leather Drawer Pulls Bathroom CabinetFrench by Design

Leather Pulls Bathroom CabinetsA Home’s World

Should you decide to revamp a piece of furniture and add a smidge of leather to it, well, good luck and I want to see your before and after! Message me. You can totally do this! 

Thanks for reading.


Three Etsy Artists

15 Oct

Let’s pretend this post is three separate posts because I am excited to share three Etsy shops that you should peruse. Peruse and purchase, I say.

Let’s start with Michelle Brusegaard. Her shop on Etsy is home of my favorite calendar of all time. I am one of those people who loves calendars. Beautiful calendars. I order this calendar each and every year for my office. My favorite is the bunny print. I am also one of those repeat offenders who orders the same thing over and over again because it’s just so right why bother with anything else. It is my humble opinion that her calendars are art.

She also does screen printed scarves, which I am completely adding to my good-gifts-to-give Christmas gift list. And she does jewelry. Go to her shop ASAP.

Next up, art and illustration from Donna McKenzie via her etsy shop, Corella Design. I love the bear in the flannel shirt. She has lots of sweet illustrations that would fit perfectly in a nursery or child’s room. Or, if you’re like me and you like bears in flannel shirts….

And from Project Type, digital prints that will look great framed and on your wall or propped on your shelves:

Enjoy and have a great Monday.

Movie Posters & Such

9 Oct

Megan Romo is my favorite kind of designer—one who seems to love words as much as art. As she would explain, “I design talkative prints.” Her work is found at Logophilia.

Several collections are featured, many that hinge on words (which I love). But I am drawn to her Cinema Collection. She does a beautiful job of interpreting the titles. (I’ve always had a thing for movie posters but this exceeds all I’ve seen.) Here are a few of my favorites but do go to her site. I’m sure you’ll find something you love.






All images are those of Megan Roma via Logophilia.

Don’t forget to check out the other bloggers who are participating in Nester’s 31 Days!

Hammerpress Letterpress Studio

8 Oct

I took a printmaking class at Watkins College of Art and Design a few years ago. I’ve pretty much been ruined ever since. I do love ink and paper and making things by hand and wearing an apron and listening to good music while you’re doing it.

One of my favorite letterpress shops is Hammerpress, a letterpress studio in Kansas City, MO. I haven’t made it out to Kansas City but when I do, Hammerpress is on my list of must-visits. I have a few of their art prints and am a fan of pretty much everything they do.

Check out their work and Web site where you can purchase said work.


ImageI think the “Beauty” and “Grace” would be sweet in a little girl’s room.

I have this print in my home. What can I say, I love classic country—who else would name their dogs Patsy Cline and June Carter. If I had a cat I’d name her Kitty Wells. And, I completely agree, frowners never win. I mean, even if they win by some sort of technicality or they win “on paper” they looked mad the whole time—that’s not winning. Nobody likes a frowner.

ImageI’m a fan of their calendars.

ImageImageAnd the concert posters.

ImageImageImageYou can also buy sets—this particular set reminds me of my friend, Lauren, who just got married a few weekends ago in the most beautiful forest you’ve ever seen.


I spent some time on their blog which only fueled my fascination with and respect for their work. There is something about a process that goes from conceptual drawings, to hand-setting type, to an actual letterpressed label that I find entirely beautiful. Check out the Hammer Press blog where they walk readers through the whole process—it’s impressive.

Here’s a preview!

From this:


To this:

ImageTo this:

Image All of the beautiful pictures you’ve seen today are from Hammerpress—buy some art, support artists and the artistry of hand-made things.

Hope your day is lovely!

I Heart Salvage. Really, I do.

1 Aug

Heather Roth is my hero. I discovered her work a week or two ago and haven’t stopped thinking about it since. Salvage Design Company is her extraordinary attempt at saving overlooked and discarded remnants, transforming them into unique pieces for the home. Well, it’s more than an attempt. It’s an all-out success. Just look at her work.





All photos via Salvage Design Company

I think every space needs one conversation piece. Whether furniture or art, there should be an anchor that sets the tone and declares the personality of a room. What I love about her work is the personality it adds to a space. Can you get over how cool this headboard is? I can’t. I love it. Hats off, Heather Roth! Check out all of her work at Salvage Design Company.

thanks for reading


Hide your kids. Hide your wife. Hide your TV.

6 Jul

A million years ago, when I started renovating my house I had this huge “issue” with where to put the TV. I wanted to hide it and I thought this family (featured in Southern Living) had the perfect solution. Then I thought I had my own perfect solution when I ran across the easel idea. I still believe this idea has potential.

I was scanning house beautiful and I saw a terrific beach house and maybe the most “Amy” way to hide the TV ever—behind an old map. I love this idea more than all the other ideas in all the world. Okay. That’s not true. But this is a great way to hide the TV.

Image House Beautiful

I didn’t hide my TV.  It’s hanging on the wall in the back of the kitchen. I couldn’t bring myself to hang it above the mantle. Look closely and you’ll see the HDMI cords hanging from it. Evidence that there are no men living in this house. Men seem to care about cords—just an observation. Image

Photo by the fabulous Micah Kandros

Thanks for reading!

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel… er… hallway.

13 Jun

Let’s roll back in time to the sad and dreary the hallway once was:

I am dead serious. That was my hallway. Now, let’s skip forward to the airy and happy hallway that is.

Photo Credit: Micah Kandros

This is one of something like 4 million photos Micah took at my house. It’s untouched and if he were sitting here he’d probably slap my hand because I shouldn’t post this just yet.

When it comes to light at the end of the tunnel—or hallway—like everybody in North America, I’m in a bit of a hectic season. I have LOVELY clients and I’m enjoying every meeting, email exchange and the occasional “Amy-what-do-you-think-of-this” text/picture. Really, I love it.

In the midst of such good things comes a bit of heartache. Life is like that sometimes.

My sister and I went home (to our beloved family and farm) to celebrate the life and grieve the loss of our most joyful and generous Gran. It was my honor to eulogize her life during the funeral. How do you sum up 88 years, 6 children, 13 grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren, and 3 great-great grandchildren? Dear Family, You ask me to do impossible things. Yet I do them. Because I love you. And, don’t you forget it. 

Here are a few snapshots of the visit home.

Locals hanging out at The Farmer’s CO-OP. I love this picture.


Old, tired details.

Blackberries from the garden.

John Deere + Sister

Now that I’m back I have a list of things we should talk about. When I haven’t seen a friend in way too long, I make a list of topics that we need to catch up on. Here’s our list:

  • Ideas for wallpapering a bookshelf
  • Painting exterior brick
  • Vinyl Storage
  • How to use speeding tickets as art (this is the real-life request of a client) I love this challenge.
  • Motorcycles on the wall (I will explain later)
  • Fences
  • Concrete counter tops
  • Playlists (your house should have one)

My schedule is filling up. Currently, I’m booking appointments for mid-August/September. If you need help I’m an e-mail away.

Hope you’re well!