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Closing Time: Goodbye, Bradford Avenue

30 May

Closing Time. Open all the doors and let you out into the world.

Out into the World Wide Web, that is.

This blog is moving. I prefer moving over ending. 

You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.

Please visit my new website:

It looks like this:

Gather & Build Website

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

This is a tiny bit bittersweet because you watched me build my first house here. And you watched me make mistakes and get things right. And you watched a business start, right here. So, let’s just take it with us.

The blog is right there in the tool bar. And all the posts from Bradford Avenue have been moved over so nothing’s lost. Every comment you’ve made here is now there. (I couldn’t part with your thoughts or this journey.)

Screen shot 2013-05-30 at 8.43.58 PM

 (Note: If you never saw after pics of Bradford Avenue then you’re not alone. They are at Gather & Build for you now.)

So, let’s go together.

If you subscribe to Bradford Avenue by e-mail, you can do that at Gather & Build, too.

Or, Gather & Build is on Facebook—like the page so you can see blog posts in your news feed.

Gather & Build Facebook

And, since Instagram is a hands-down favorite,  Gather & Build  is there, too. So find @gatherandbuild on Instagram.  You’ll catch the occasional snapshot of @patsyandjune, too. They like to hang out around construction sites—quality control.

Gather & Build Instagram


In honor of closing one door and opening another,  I have this parting gift.  Click this.

Thank you for the contribution you’ve made to my life, Semisonic. You’re still with me. I’ll take you to Gather & Build, too.


Gatherings + Cinco de Mayo

3 May

In honor of a valid reason to eat chips, salsa, and all the tacos you can hold, I join you in celebrating Cinco De Mayo this weekend! I’ve gathered a few things—starting with these Hacienda Melamine Plates from Anthropologie—inspired by this festive holiday.

Hacienda Melamine Plate from Anthropologie

These stairs are only the tiniest sneak peek into a lovely Spanish Colonial home featured on Houzz. The work is that of Tim Barber, LTD Architecture. 

Spanish Colonial Home Stairs

This Avocado Mint Candle (also from Anthro) is the freshest candle yet. I love the scent and the packaging.

Avocado Mint Candle from Anthropologie

Trader Joe’s is hands-down my favorite stop for fresh flowers. Using cans is a festive and fun way to spice up your arrangements. Here’s an entire post dedicated to a fiesta decor.

Flowers in Mexican can

I’m looking for the perfect drink dispenser. Here are two faves:

Glass Beverage Dispenser CB2World Market Savannah Drink Dispenser

First, a glass dispenser available at CB2. I am also a fan of the Savannah embossed drink dispenser from World Market. If you’re looking for something acrylic, Target has good, affordable options.

And, finally, Larissa gave me this healthy and yummy recipe for fish tacos last week. She wrote about it on the LifeWay Women blog today. I made this for dinner twice last week…. It’s that good. 

fish tacos

Enjoy your weekend!