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What’s at the foot of your bed?

25 Jan

Footboards. Overrated: Yes or No? The answer, I think, hinges on three things:

1. personal preference

2. the size of your bedroom

3. the layout or floor plan of said bedroom.

 I once loved footboards. I once wore Electric Youth perfume and big bows in my hair. I still like footboards. I don’t like Electric Youth anymore. I know you’re relieved. 

Lately, I like layers and the way benches help the room and bed meet. I am drawn less to being confined by the partnership of a headboard and its footboard. I’ve outgrown all things that confine. Don’t fence me in, I say. I’ll make my own boundaries. Here are more images that inspire me.  (The inset picture is from House Beautiful.)

House Beautiful

{inside} the loop


Elle Decor






As I search the Web over for the perfect bench, trunk, or ______  to layer at the foot of my bed, I look for something that passes my litmus test: can it work in more than one place. I have a rule when I buy furniture or anything that requires much money for my home–it has to work in more than one place. You might have noticed that I don’t like to commit to one particular thing. I want options. I like pieces that work in a variety of ways. The things that are not versatile are the things I find myself dragging to Goodwill a year later.

Here are a few things I’ve found that might make a great bench at the end of my bed, or coffee table, or…. I’m sure I’ll come up with something. All are available online–

Industrial Bench from UrbanWoodGoods (with or without vintage wire locker basket)

Wes Bennett’s Etsy Shop wesbenn


West Elm

Harmony Bench from ABC Home (with or without casters)

Wood Plank Storage Bench from Ballard Designs

Kilm Bench from Overstock

From Kathy Kuo Home

Restoration Hardware

Amelia Storage Bench from Ballard Designs (fabric options available)

Urban Outfitters

What do you think? How do you feel about the bench? If you’re looking for a something to compliment your bed, I hope these links help.

Thanks for reading!


Pardon the Interruption

18 Jan

Where have you been?

That’s what I was just asking myself. I wish that I could tell you that I’ve been traveling through Italy village by village, town by town. That would be an envy-stirring explanation for the radio silence. Not so much. I have been traveling through the a maze of days that can only be described as “normal” life. You know the stuff weeks are made of–the day job, work travel, holiday travel, birthday parties, engagement dinners, dog sitting, and my staunch commitment to watching Parenthood each and every Tuesday night. It’s true. And, I will be equally committed to The Voice once it returns after the Superbowl. If you, too, love Parenthood the way my sister and I do you might also like the quirky home of Adam and Kristina Braverman. Casa Sugar posted photos from the set. You can see them here. It’s a great photo collection which includes paint colors used on set.

But, here comes the good news—I’ve missed this blog and I’ve missed you all. And, I’ve really missed renovation which is why I’m on the hunt for something else to renovate. Wish me luck. In the meantime, my aim is to post weekly and catch you all up on the projects I’ve finished at my house and post all the before/after pictures you can stand. For today,  I am back with a quick run down of what’s kept me at bay. There is no rhyme or reason to this list. It’s just the truth of the latter part of 2011. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

1. Hanging Curtains

The thing about windows is that they like treatments. So, I put up some curtains and then I took down some curtains. I moved them all around. What can I say? There’s an art to editing. Nothing in this room is as it was in this picture. But while I was away, I did install this curtains. For five seconds they were in the room below. Now they hang in Ashley’s room. Sister’s room trumps guest room.

2. Browsing for Furniture

I thought about buying this settee. I was outside of my natural mind. Does this look like me to you? Exactly. It’s lovely just not my kind of lovely. But if it’s your kind of lovely you can find it Sprintz furniture.

Ashley and I went to look at furniture again. I believe she came along as an act of intervention because she typically leaves all these sorts of things to me. I make our house pretty, she keeps it running—that’s what sisters are for. When I came home with the picture of the settee (above) she went all what-are-you-thinking on me. We went back and came to the conclusion that we really like this couch (below). We sat on it for about thirty minutes while Pete, a kind and awesome salesman told us about his grandchildren and his labs. We didn’t buy any furniture. But when we do, we’ll buy it from Pete. He’s a kind soul.

2. Enjoying the Children In My Life (All of whom belong to other people that allow me to spoil them rotten)

My friend Lucy came over. She and her sister were playing “cat” just before she arrived. Is this hysterical or what?

Look at these beautiful girls. This is one of my favorite pictures of the year. Nichole from Loom and our friend sweet Claire, whose mother is faithful to share her write-a-new-blog-post encouragement with me nearly every time we talk.

A note from Emma, a sweet four-year-old in my class at church–she rolled this up and gave it to me tied with a string for Christmas.

3. Looking for the Right Wallpaper

While I was in Chicago I went to Urban Source, which is hands-down the most helpful store for those for those of us who want to see it, feel it, smell it before we buy it. They stock tons of designers’ oversized samples so you can get a better feel for the pattern runs and color.

4. Baking

I made cakes for my sister’s birthday. Here’s the strawberry recipe from Julie’s fabulous blog. I found the “chocolate madness” on Julia’s blog, which is also a great read. You will enjoy both of these blogs. Julia, if you read this my marshmallow cream layer either melted or couldn’t handle the weight of the cake, but it was ridiculous nonetheless.

5. Dreaming about Tile.

I bought tile for my fireplace. Because if it won’t burn wood then it should certainly be pretty.

6. Dogsitting

We dog-sat our neighbor, Owen. It seems all creatures of our God and King are comfortable in this house—Owen and those pesky mice that sneaked in. Two of them which Ashley successfully trapped. Look, I am catching you up on everything. I’ll spare you the mouse trap pics.

Look how happy he was when I took him to Home Depot. His eyes look utterly spooky but doesn’t he look happy? He knows Home Depot is a safe place. Even dogs know the power of Home Depot: more saving, more doing.

7. Christmas Decorating and Un-decorating

We put up a tree. We took it down. We loved it in between. It was live and huge and the house smelled like houses should in December. My sister, Ashley, found an ornament she made in kindergarten. She’s thirty years old. You do the math on how old those Life Savers are.

I did some serious Christmas shopping at Nashville’s new Paper Source. All paper products aside, my favorite thing in the store are the stools pulled up to project tables in the back of the store. Aren’t they cool?

8. Watching Friday Night Lights

We watched all five seasons on Netflix over the course of Fall. (I still believe in Netflix.) We couldn’t stop watching. Here’s the thing, I don’t care for football or Texas. I prefer basketball and states that you can drive through in less than a day. But, my friend Adam insisted that we watch Friday Night Lights and now I have such a soft spot for Texas and high school football. For real. I heart Texas. These days I constantly ask myself, What would Tammi Taylor do right now? And, I miss Coach Taylor and Riggins.

9. Volunteering

I volunteered at Passion Conference with one of my dearest college friends and made some new friends while I was there. We spent four days with 42,000 college students and I loved every minute of it. I was totally inspired and refreshed by this generation of students. They gave generously—it was news worthy.

While I was in Atlanta I stopped by IKEA. Low and behold the rug I’ve been tracking for months was in stock. It’s been out of stock for-ev-er. And there it was in all it’s yellow and gray glory–the rug I’ve been waiting for. But I didn’t buy it. Do you ever do that? Wait for something and then think… I don’t care anymore.

Random and true. Everything I’ve posted today is random and true. See you next week.


P.S. I’m glad we’re back.