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Off the Grid

26 Oct

I’m in the what-can-I-put-on-these-walls phase of decorating. The current debate is: grid or no grid? Something in me likes the order of a grid and something in me likes the loosey-goosey happenstance of collage. Here are a few pictures that have inspired me in each direction. 

For those of us who need a little order:

Blackbird Style

Today You Inspired Me

southern living

And for those of us who like to keep our options open:

a veiled aside


west elm

I suppose I’ll have to strike a balance, won’t I? What’s your preference?


Out On a Ledge

13 Oct

I fell for this look a long time ago. Thank you very much, Pottery Barn. The gallery approach to displaying art and photography appeals to me. It’s less committal. Frames are easily changed. You can add to it, take away from it, or create an altogether new look on a whim without putting a million nail holes in the wall. Not that I would ever put a million nail holes in the wall or “eyeball” it and need to move a curtain rod something like four times… never happens in my house.

Rather than have so many picture ledges, I’m into one ledge running the length of a wall. I’m thinking of installing a picture rail upstairs. Here are a few images that have inspired me to do it!




Here are a few images with two photo ledges. I like that it still feels simple but perhaps that has everything to do with the white walls.

Procrastination Mama



Barn Light Giveaway! Get your free lights here!

3 Oct

To all who blog and all who don’t, this contest is for you!

The fine people at Barn Light Electric would love for you to win, oh say, a thousand dollars worth of lighting! I’m so not kidding. I would not joke about lighting. Find the scoop below along with a link to enter the contest.

I’m a loyal fan of Barn Light lighting It’s scattered throughout my house. My favorite is the Mig, which lights my hallway daily! Of course, I have a few more favorites—these are the ones that got away. Maybe next time…

The Mig (in blue)

As you know, indigo is all the rage. Blue is back in the most serious of ways.

Ivanhoe Sinclair Pendant in Yellow

The Champion Pendant

And, last but not least we have the Fargo Pendant in Red

Do you want to win or what? I’m just showing you my favorites here. There are hundreds of lights, most of which are customizable. You pick the color, you pick the finish, you choose: will it be cord or stem mount? Flush or pendant? So many choices with Barn Light.

About winning… you need the scoop, the contest scoop and you can find that here!

As for the prizes—as in, more than one—they are good. Win (a) $1,000 Grand Prize or (b) $500 2nd Place Prize. The two winners will each receive a Barn Light Electric Gift Certificate to purchase new lighting for their homes or to finish off that lingering renovation project.

Enter this contest! Somebody’s going to win–might as well be you. (Or, me…)