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Pin it.

27 Sep

Pinterest is my favorite online activity. I pin. I pin ideas. I pin recipes. I pin clothing I like. I pin words and design. And, I pin all sorts of ideas for interiors. At first glance, Pinterest is overwhelming. How does this thing work? I had an account for several days before I got the hang of it. Now I pin everything.

I’d like to explain Pinterest in full detail. But I’ll leave that to Pinterest. My best advice is create an account and give it a try, like everything else, you’ll learn by doing.

As I’m settling into my house, a fun challenge I face is displaying photos. I don’t have a ton of wall space. I have a ton of windows instead. I can’t complain.  So, I’m thinking of creating a display that sort of tells the story of my house–the whole process in order in photos. Here are a few fun ideas I found on Pinterest.









If you’re on Pinterst follow me by clicking here. If you’re not on Pinterst take a tour. It’s a great way to keep up with recipes you love, decor ideas, and more.


I could use a little ImagineNations

13 Sep

I am fascinated with the work of Wendy Gold, the artist behind ImagineNations. She takes globes, which have a charm and lure all their own, and makes more of them creating unique and inspired works of art.

This globe decoupaged with images from Where the Wild Things Are is sure to be a favorite just as the beloved and timeless story of Max, who cried “let the wild rumpus start!”

ImagineNations is on Facebook. Like her. She’s smart and creative. We all like smart + creative, don’t we?

100 Abandoned Houses

2 Sep

100 Abandoned Houses began when Kevin Bauman’s curiousity and creativity lead him on a photographic journey through his hometown of Detroit, where he documented houses left for reasons unknown. Here are a few images from the project.

Photo Credit: Kevin Bauman

I find the photos to be such a sad opportunity. I wonder what it would take to bring these houses back to live—aside from courage and cash. If only they could be transplanted and plopped down in Nashville. You can read more about the project here.