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Inspiring Kitchen

29 Aug

I carried this kitchen around in a notebook for months. Wrinkled and a tiny bit crumpled I’m hanging onto it as inspiration for the next kitchen (whenever the next kitchen happens). Brad–the good and smart contractor who built my house–handed me this photo and a this-is-so-you comment when we were coming up with ideas for my kitchen. It is so me. Until yesterday, I have wondered where this came from and then I saw it online with photo credits to Better Homes and Gardens.

Do you love it or what? The glass cabinet doors, the wood floors, that hood–it was the hood that did me in. When I saw it online I immediately thought of you all and wanted to share.

It’s silly but this picture makes me a tad sappy. It takes me right back to the early days of renovating my house when ideas and vision seemed easy to come by. It represents the creative process, the ideas, the hard work, and one of the bravest things I’ve ever done with one of the dearest friends I’ve got. I miss renovating.

Speaking of dear friends… I know you’re wondering, where is Brad? He is well and incredibly busy, elbow deep in renovating a hundred-year-old farmhouse. It is such a cool house. I cannot wait to show you a few pictures.


Just what can you do with this?

26 Aug

Look what I stumbled upon on Etsy. These old water valves are starting to look like a perfect collection aren’t they? I saw these in Sushipot Parts online store.


There are more for the taking. Check out Scrap Yard Girl, too.

Dear Door, Will you be my headboard?

24 Aug

I’ve been thinking about making a headboard. It’s a toss up between doors and pallets.  All things must be repurposed. After looking at a lot of pallet ideas, I searched the Web over for a few door ideas, too. Here are some of my favorites.

From Coastal Living

House Beautiful


Design Indugence

From Chick Inspired

If you’re in the mood to revamp your headboard, there are plenty of tutorials online. But since more often than not, Martha knows best, here our her instructions on how to create your headboard. Good luck!

Level with me.

15 Aug

I have this wall in my living/dining room. Confession: it’s a tricky wall because of that sweet window that sits just off-center. I love that window. I have a thing for windows in the wall And then there’s the light switch. I hate that light switch. I have a thing against light switches. It’s a joke in my house. 

A piece of furniture sat in the space between the window and doorway but it overpowered the window. What a shame. We suffered some rejection over the window so I needed something for this wall that  would work with the window, not against it.

I found these levels at an antique store in Nashville for next to nothing–as in, $8 and $10. A sucker for anything old, I thought they’d make a perfect ledge for photos.

I used these ring hangers. In hindsight, I don’t recommend these as much as some sort of bracket but this is what I had so I rolled with it. With the help of a drill these were easily installed into the back of each level.

For the first time in my life, I taped it off to get a visual before I hammered unnecessary holes in the wall. I used painters tape to get a visual for how the space would feel with the levels on the wall.

Clearly, the great thing about using levels is the fact that you are using a level. You’re odds of hanging the level level are pretty high.

I grabbed a few things scattered around the house to perch on the ledge–an old bingo card, a framed number three, a wooden printer’s block with a soccer team from long ago, and a black and white picture of my grandfather.

This is my first go–I’m sure I will change it out regularly.

And about my attempts to put fewer holes in the wall…. let me level with you: I ripped some paint off my wall. Sheesh. Darn that flat paint. Live and learn.

Clipboard Art

4 Aug

It’s that time of year–time for students to say goodbye to the loosey-goosey freedom of summer and say hello to the chiming of the school bell. I suppose I have the back-to-school blues because I, quite frankly, miss pencils. I do. I miss buying school supplies.

There is something about a fresh box of crayons, perfectly sharpened pencils, and the first page of a notebook. I know you know what I’m talking about. You went through a Trapper-Keeper phase, didn’t you?

These days I have a thing for office supplies. I really like pens. My favorite is the Pilot Precise V5. I find that my handwriting is at its best when I write with this pen. It’s true. And, FYI, I prefer the green pen–it’s happier than the rest. In my pursuit of the perfect pen I waltzed past the clipboards and thought, I need a few of you to fancy up my walls. For just a dollar or so a piece, I walked out with enough clipboards to create a gallery in my stairwell.

And, sadly, because of the angle it’s nearly impossible to capture with a camera. (Because I wanted to show you.) I tried several times and because the pictures were so crummy, I decided the least I could do would be to use Hipstamatic to ramp things up.

Presently, there are pictures from kindergarten and such on display but I do think this would be a perfect spot for a collection of black and white photography or vintage postcards. You know I love old things but I found that it was far more affordable to buy new clipboards rather than vintage. I like the crisp look they have hanging there but if you wanted them to feel older you could certainly rough them up. A little distressing ink around the edges would make them look older.

Here are a few more pictures of clipboards put to their best use yet.

Via How Now Design

Via Rachel Denbow

Via Pinterest

Via Susie Harris

Via Martha Stewart

Via Elle Decor

Via Decor Pad