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Peer Pressure + Front Doors

30 Jun

Shortly after 7 a.m. Courtney walked into my office, “I need your help.”

Courtney and Chase are building a house from scratch and she’s choosing finishes–today’s choice is shingle color. Confession: As soon as she turned the shingle board over and I saw her options my heart ached a little. I miss this. I really really miss this.

Go ahead. Accuse me of being dramatic but I miss renovating. I like the process more than being “finished.” I miss figuring it out. I miss that feeling you get when it all comes together and you’re sure you made the right choice. I like renovating a house more than living in a house which means I’m going to have to do something about this because I miss it far more than I should. Perhaps my life is speaking to me? Meanwhile, I  find myself living vicariously through Courtney and her shingles. Thank you, Courtney.

The trouble is shingles come before paint. (This is why you must have a clear vision for the whole thing up front or you’ll be stuck with some shingle color that dictates. Never give the shingles the upper hand. Show ’em who’s boss.)  Court can choose any color in the Glidden family of paints. Have you looked at the exterior paint color combos lately? It’s daunting. Thus began the if-I-had-it-to-do-over-again conversation which is really just code for the-next-time-I-will….

I will do a charcoal roof and a yellow door. Unless there’s the opportunity to do a tin roof. And, I will absolutely go with tin. Officially, I am using peer pressure to persuade Courtney. A white house is classic and charming, utterly timeless. And a charcoal shingle will give her plenty of options regarding door color. I do think she should choose yellow because it is so “her.”

Here’s why:

via Country Living

via The Inspired Room

Via Inspired by This

Via The SoHo

Via Desire to Inspire

Of course, after I tore into the whole yellow + white is nice talk, I followed up with my rational for white. The awesome thing about a white house and a charcoal/gray/black roof is that you can turn around and paint the door red, or blue, or green if you take a notion to change it. Just look at all these options.

Via House Beautiful

Via Desire to Inspire

Via Whipped Style

Via Decorology

Via Cocomale

Via Lori

Via Concord Green

Don’t you think she should go with a white house with a gray/charcoal/black roof so she can keep her options open for the door? I mean, this is her house. She should go for it with white!

Meanwhile on Bradford

  • The landscaping is in progress. The yard has been under its own construction for a while. (Almost finished. Major transformation. Pictures coming. You will like!)
  • I found an amazing vintage light from Barnlight for the downstairs bath.
  • I ordered tile for the fireplace.
  • I have the replacement for the lost pendant light.
  • I’ve got to find a ceiling fan.
  • I should order the wallpaper. (I am a commitment-phobe.)
  • The curtains are coming this week.

I heart Keri Russell’s kitchen.

29 Jun

The latest copy of Elle Decor feature on Keri Russell and the Brooklyn brownstone her contractor husband renovated. I am most in love with the kitchen and dining room. Shocker. I always like the kitchen. I love the cabinetry her husband made–it looks so nice against the clean white walls and the classy marble counters.

Enjoy the whole article here.

As for my house, I am working on some after pictures and will start posting those within the week. Sorry to have kept you waiting so long.




Up Where We Belong

17 Jun


Storage is a thing of the past–at least it is in these attics. Take a peek at these unique spaces, each making the most of every square inch.

Via Remodelista

Via Pinterest

Via Charlotte’s Fancy

House of Turquoise

Via Design Sponge