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Seeing Stripes

25 May

You know that feeling… There’s a feeling you get when you walk into a room and you know it’s not finished. It needs something.

The master bath needs something. Well it needs a lot. I haven’t done a thing to it. I still have this urge to paint the floor and I’m seeing stripes. Maybe. I think I will put the forthcoming holiday weekend to good use and get to the bottom of what the bathroom “needs.”

Here’s the article the article that inspired me:

Let me be real here. I do not have the patience for the project this fabulous woman pulled off. Above is her feature from Better Homes and Gardens. Here’s a nother look at the room via The Nate Show.

Back to the skinny stripe–check out this staircase. I applaud the effort. I’d break my neck.

Via Champagne Problems

Like ’em? Hate ’em? Or are you like me and still baffled by the work and precision it took to plan the grid?



20 May

via Joyful Collection on Etsy

Perfect Patterns

18 May

My friend Nichole, from Loom Decor, dropped by with a suitcase full of fabric. Not kidding. She totally pulled her travel gear from the back of her car, rolled right down the sidewalk and unpacked it on the dining room table where we began to weed through it. And I thought to myself, she is better than Santa Claus.  She came with a zillion fabric samples and we starting thinking through window treatments.

Loom is a brand new company launching this summer. The talented ladies who founded Loom have an eye for all things lovely and all things textile. Post coming about Loom–you will want to know these ladies and their company. Top. Notch.

Since my meeting with Nichole I’ve been thinking about mixing patterns. Each of the living room windows has a  different sample/pattern hanging from the corner. I’m living with them, figuring out which pattern I like best.

Here are some images to encourage you in your mixing.

via HGTV

via Absolutely Beautiful Things

Via House Beautiful

Via House Beautiful

Via Dotty Wyman Designs

Via Houzz

Via Confetti Style

Via Petal and Pine

Here’s the bottom line: Do whatever you want. When you get it wrong, you’ll know. If you sit down in the living room and all you can think of is the circus, you might have gotten it wrong. If you think, this is a lot but it works, you’ve probably gotten it right. Make your own rules.

Via Domino Magazine

Have a lovely day.

Circle Up & Sit a Spell

17 May

Come on in and sit a spell. I cannot count the times I’ve heard this over the course of my life, mostly from my grandmother. At its core, this southern saying describes what these living rooms invite us to do: sit down, talk about life and hopefully, laugh a bit.

What is better than a room that begs you to stay and talk? I ran across these images on My Home Ideas and fell for the idea. On a side note, for those of you who read this who aren’t making your home in the south, reports that “sit a spell” means to sit down a while and spend some time talking with us – not run off without sharing what’s on your mind. It also means sit down a while and listen to what we’re saying.” I’m such a sit-a-spell kind of girl.

Old and Heavy

16 May

Charm. Charm is the element that an iron bed brings to a room. It begs for layers–whether they be old heavy quilts or fluffy piles of down-comforters. There is something quite homey about an iron bed. The older and heavier the better.)

Last week I was in Atlanta which is a perfect excuse to go visit IKEA. In case you need a bed for the spare bedroom, this is $99. Yep. $99. Who can argue with that? No, it’s not heavy and old but with the right bedding it can hold its own and get you through until you find that perfectly aged iron bed for which you look. I would paint this with yellow spray paint in a matte finish and call it pretty.

From Thirty Duo

From Country Living

From Style at Home

Seen at I Suwannee via Domino Mag

Via Creed

Via Country Living

Via Decor Pad

Via Houzz

From Country Living

Why am I like this? Why do I like this?

9 May

I am a scaredy cat when it comes to sea creatures. By and large I don’t like them very much. I don’t even like them very much in massive aquariums because I have catastrophic thoughts like, what if the glass cracked and we were killed by sting rays. Worst way to die ever….

Did you see the movie Seven Pounds? I thought it was fantastic. Will Smith, redemption, and letterpress printing rolled into one great movie. However, the use of  jellyfish in the film was horrific for me. Like I said, worst way to die… ever…

I have found a sea creature that I can stand. Well, more than stand.  There is something about this pattern to which I am drawn. Sometimes I astound myself. I like the rich inky navy octopus in these curtains (available at Anthropologie). I am very much into navy blue right now. This could be part of what’s swaying me. But, truth be told, I can’t commit to these guys in my living room.

But I could commit to this pattern in my bathroom. You don’t think it’s creepy, do you?

Kitchen Transformation (Before + After)

5 May

Craig Johnson (Superior Woodwork) installed shelving in the kitchen and we are all quite happy with the way everything is shaping up. The guys at Superior Woodwork do trim work, cabinetry, closets, door installation and are some of the nicest guys around.

Every now and then I remind myself of what was–it was a mess. As for today, the kitchen is my favorite room. But that could change tomorrow…

Here’s a look at the transformation.








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