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Smile. You’re on Candid Camera.

31 Jan

So, Kevin stops in occasionally to make a video about our progress. Because he likes videos. And, apparently, he likes us.

He made the first video back in Late July/Early August. I refer to this video as the my-make-up-melted-off-my-face video. Because it did.

Kevin came back—camera in hand—to check on us mid-September and shot the majority of this right before we went berserk and tore the roof off. If you missed all that action, you can read about that here and here.  It was enough to make my neighbors say, “Girl….. you done gone and bumped your head…” Those were the days….  I bet he’s not thinking that when he walks past my house these days. Girl did not bump her head. Girl + Good Contractor sent property value and resale potential through the roof.

Here’s the video Kevin passed along last week. Click the photo to watch.

Kevin would pass out from shock if he walked in the house now. So much has changed since September—including our minds. There I am in the kitchen talking about a dutch door. Yeah, right. I seemed so sure…. Little did I know then that we would wall that door in and move the dutch door to the front door. Good decision, team. Very good decision. And all that talk about windows in the upstairs.. Please. I should edit me. That changed, too. All for the better.

It’s nice to see where we were; it’s really nice to be where we are. Almost home. Almost home.


Thanks,  friends,  for reading and spending a few minutes of your day on Bradford Avenue.


Perfect Ten.

26 Jan

No fewer than 100 light bulbs were used to make this chandelier—only ten are functional. Smart design via Susan and William Brinson // Design Sponge.

Their windows aren’t bad either. How right are these windows? So right.

It’s the little things.

24 Jan

It’s the little things (like wallpaper in a closet) that get me. Some of my most vivid memories from childhood are of an old farmhouse with wallpapered closets. The house is long gone but the memory is still hanging around in my mind. Wallpaper in a closet seems right to me therefore I’d like to wallpaper the closets at Bradford—it’s on the I hope I can make that happen list. For the master bath closets/toilet room I’d have to say this is my favorite print from Mod Green Pod.

From Houzz


via Martha Stewart


Do something different.

21 Jan

Right is what you like. That’s my motto for home design/decor. As far as I’m concerned you can hang a black chandelier wherever you want as long as your willing to act like it’s supposed to be there and as long as the fact that it’s hanging there makes you happy.

Have a lovely weekend.

Art. Tile. Whatever.

20 Jan

Just when your mind is all made up you see something that blows your mind and you have to regroup. Brad took me to Mission Stone & Tile to see look at some options for the master bath. And, of course, we walked in and all I could think about was the kitchen. Turns out, I’m predictable. He says he knew how this would go.

I pulled this shot years ago—found it in Domino Magazine (RIP) and taped it into a growing book of house decor ideas. I thought about this tile a few times as I was thinking about the kitchen at Bradford but I let it go, thinking this is not the house for that.

And, then we went to Mission Stone and Tile. Just a few seconds before all the pistons in my brain stopped firing and the neurons got into, like, a fist fight or something, I saw some tile on the back wall. Finally, I said to Brad: Brad. That tile. I know it might not be right for this house. But some day. In some house. Let’s use that tile. And, he said, “You could use it in your house.”

And I pretty much checked out from that moment on because all I could think about was how much I like that tile and I didn’t give a rip about the bathroom anymore I went into yeah-whatever-you-like-is-fine-with-me mode. Which is just a lie because we both know I care about everything. But I can only handle so much inspiration before I am just seized by it. Essentially, Brad is a contractor/therapist in these moments.

Here are a few pics I snapped of tile options I saw.

It’s art if you ask me. Art + Tile. And there might be a place for it in my kitchen—maybe we can incorporate it into the wall the range will be on? Of course, now we are going to try. That’s just how this team works—these sorts of ideas always win.


Next time around…

19 Jan

Do you know what’s going to happen? Because I can predict the future and all…. My sister, Ashley, is going to want Brad and I to design a house for her. She, quite frankly, loves everything we do. And that is her job as my little sister. To love what I do.

She was looking through the pictures of gappy floors last night. She loves them. Because I love them. Actually, she loves them because the look good. So on the list of things to do in a house for Ashley I have plank-like floors with gaps and I’d like to have some beam action in her ceiling—I’m not sure the technical term for these, if they are exposed ceiling joists or if they are just there for aesthetic purposes but nonetheless… this look is going in her file. She has a file now. Not a house. A file. But a file is a start. A file—how official do I sound?

Check out the beams/joists whatever in this Scandinavian-inspired home.

By the way, the bathrooms from the previous post—we scanned the pictures and when we rolled past the bathroom I mentioned as being something I would choose for her home she said, “I love that bathroom!” I know you do! I wrote about you and the fact that I thought it was so you. Clearly someone is not up on her blog reading—ahem… this is required reading little sis. I was totally smug about the fact that “I know” her style. I was. I’m sure I’ll be sent to the hardware store today for a dose of humility because I know nothing when I walk through the doors there.

Pictures via Martha Stewart. Because she’s brilliant.

Thanks for looking. Thanks for reading. Just plain thanks.

I threatened him with linoleum.

17 Jan

I used to be paralyzed with indecision so vexed about what sort of floor to do in the bathroom, how to lay out the space, which sink to choose, etc. that I finally said, “Let’s just throw down some linoleum and call it a bathroom.”

Sometimes I joke. For all of two seconds the good contractor thought I was serious. Empty threats. Empty threats.

When you start out with this sort of bathroom, the sky is the limit. Ironically, the sky really was the limit considering we took the roof off. It was out with the old and in with a new roof and a new layout. I tried to hang on to the blue fish as a memento. Someone tossed it—who would think them trash? Crazy framers. I know it wasn’t the contractor.

Let’s just say that I’m almost at a decision on my bathroom. Now I’m just vexed. I’m past the paralysis because I have no choice. It’s time. Yes. It’s January. Yes. I started thinking about this in like July. Yes. It would be easier for me to name my firstborn child than choose a sink. Yes. I am looking for a needle in a haystack when it comes to a vanity for the sink.

I went to House Beautiful for inspiration. I found it. Look at these lovely bathrooms. There’s something for everybody.

The windows interest me. I’m a fan of windows in your walls.

A perfect zinc top.

I never grow tired of seeing white subway tile.

This is my favorite. The tub dominates in the way that it should while the very cool iron legs crafted for the vanity do what they should do in their understated way—a perfect marriage of industrial and classic. I would choose this for my sister.

I’m intrigued. First of all, the shower door is designed to look like a steel casement window, which I am a fan of.  The chandelier against the exposed ceiling is such a great balance. To me, this bathroom feels masculine but the chandelier and the simply touch of pink flowers tilts the scales just enough toward the middle. I really like this room. I wouldn’t choose it for my house. I would choose this for my friend Marshall. Or, the Alexanders (family friends of my sister and myself.) This bathroom is lovely in its own right. It’s designed incredibly well. So smart.

And you can always float the tub. I sometimes lock myself in and forget that you really can do anything you want when you’re designing a room.

I like the shelf.

All this tile is too cold for me but, hello, what a statement! I like that yellow stripe. This is serious commitment.

All these inspiring images were found at House Beautiful.


Thanks for reading, friends!