Let there be white.

2 Dec
Back and forth, back and forth, I go back and forth. Here’s the trouble with me: I never stop looking and I like to keep my options open. Gray and white. That’s the color palette I’ve landed on for Bradford Avenue. And, I am leaning toward gray everywhere except for the all-white kitchen.
And then I stumble upon something like this and remember why I love white. White, I confess, I used to think you were boring and plain. I didn’t even consider you to be a color, just a base for all other color to come to life. I was a real idiot then. Forgive me. Here’s the truth about white: It’s a color that invites you breathe big, deep breaths; a color that makes room for you and opens the doors to a little slice of serenity.
Take a look at this Manhattan loft, a former shipbuilders’ warehouse, built in 1839. My commitment to white doubled after I took a glance.
Those are books behind their legs—do you see that?
Who doesn’t love a rolling ladder?
Or, brick walls?
Or, big pieces of art?
Or, exposed beams?
Or, painted wood floors warmed up with a rug?
Or, having a winch in the playroom?
There’s a winch—an old, real, winch from the 1800s once used to deliver sail cloth to the shipyard. Thank heavens someone had the good sense to leave this in tact. These are the sorts of things people tear down and then kick themselves about years later.

2 Responses to “Let there be white.”

  1. Shela-Lyn Boxberger December 2, 2010 at 10:13 am #

    It couldn’t be lovlier! How fun to climb on that winch…do you think those children hear their mother say, “Get down off that winch right now or so help me…!” Hilarious! Wish I had a winch (say that 5 x fast!) Yes – I noticed the books under their legs immediately – that sofa looks like something out of Alice in Wonderland and oh how it causes me to covet (confessing right now). Nothing beats whimsy in my book. Whenever I make a decision if I’m debating – I always go for whimsy yet practical…I like the unexpected. I have a rolling ladder in the most predictable place – our library…and would love one in the kitchen like that….but then if it were there I would have to be pulling a ladder up to my bookcases all of the time so in that case practical won out…but in that kitchen it was whimsical and practical and that my friend is the best thing of all!

  2. Tommy December 2, 2010 at 11:22 pm #

    I like pretty much everything here, and I agree about the color white. The only thing that has me puzzled here is that bed with the oddly leveled posts. Not a fan there, but that bathroom more than made up for it.

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